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The form required to process your nomination for the 113th Congress Stennis Congressional Staff Fellows Program must be submitted online. Your information is confidential and will be available only to members of the independent selection committee.

Please note that once you enter the on-line form, you cannot save a partially completed form. If you leave the form, any information you have entered will be lost. We suggest that you review the sample form below prior to completing the form on-line.

The selection committee appreciates thoughtful but brief responses to the questions. You may prepare answers to the questions off-line in a word processing document and then upload those answers into the form.

Your answers to the questions and your career profile are used by the committee to select 24 to 28 Stennis Fellows of the 113th Congress, balanced by party and chamber. The committee also will consider the strengths each nominee brings to the program in selecting a diverse group of Stennis Fellows.

The deadline for receipt of the nomination form is Monday, March 18, 2013.

You may call Tom Sliter or Mary Dewald at (202) 546-1837 if you have questions related to completion of the form or about the program.


Application Instructions

Congressional Staff Fellows Program Nomination