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Daniel Bresette
Research Assistant
Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
Mentor: Patrick Von Bargen (104th Congress)

Mimi Braniff
Legislative Assistant
U.S. Senator Ted Stevens
Mentor: Katherine McGuire (105th Congress)

Frank Cavaliere
Deputy Legislative Director
U.S. Senator George Allen
Mentor: Andy Wheeler (106th Congress)

Rock Cheung
Budget Analyst for International Affairs
Senate Budget Committee
Mentor: Tamera Luzzatto (105th Congress)

Weston J. Coulam
Tax Policy Advisor
U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe
Mentor: Nils Johnson (103rd Congress)

Michael Dillon
Senior Legislative Assistant
U.S. Representative Rob Simmons
Mentor: Jim Dykstra (103rd Congress)

Molly Harris
Legislative Assistant
U.S. Senator Herb Kohl
Mentor: Joe Crapa (104th Congress)

Nicole Kunko
Staff Assistant
House Appropriations Committee
Mentor: Diane Liesman (106th Congress)

Josh Martin
Senior Legislative Assistant
U.S. Representative Michael C. Burgess
Mentor: John Lampmann (106th Congress)

Sonja Nesbit
Professional Staff Member for the Minority
House Ways and Means Committee
Mentor: Rochelle Dornatt (106th Congress)

Kate Riley
Legislative Assistant
Representative Sam Farr
Mentor: Nora Matus (105th Congress)

Patricia Rojas
Legislative Assistant
U.S. Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard
Mentor: Terri Ann Lowenthal (103rd Congress)

Danielle Rosengarten
Legislative Assistant
U.S. Representative Christopher Shays
Mentor: Jay Eagen (103rd Congress)

Erica Stocker
Legislative Assistant
U.S. Representative Jim Saxon
Mentor: Ted Van Der Meid (105th Congress)

Brett Thompson
Legislative Director
U.S. Senator Jim Talent
Mentor: Rick Valentine (104th Congress)

Jamila Thompson
Legislative Assistant
U.S. Representative Barbara Lee
Mentors: Mildeen Worrell (106th Congress) and Carlottia Scott (103rd Congress)

Heath Weems
Legislative Assistant
U.S. Representative Cass Ballenger
Mentor: John McCamman (105th Congress)

Donny Williams
Professional Staff Member for the Minority
Senate Governmental Affairs Committee
Mentor: Paul Bock (106th Congress)