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Past Events

 Former Congressman George J. Hochbrueckner, presently heads a Consulting Firm, George J. Hochbrueckner & Associates (GJHA) based on Long Island, New York with an office located near Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The firm was established in March 1995 and has served a variety of companies. Included among them are Telephonics, Hazeltine, EDO Corporation, Dayton T. Brown, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Advanced Acoustic Concepts in New York, TROY Systems in Virginia, as well as Quantum Group and Whittaker Corporation in California. He presently serves as a Senior Policy Advisor to Nossaman LLP, a respected Washington D.C. law firm.

In his four terms [1987-1995] as the Congressman for the First District of New York, he distinguished himself as a leader on issues critical to Long Island and our nation such as defense conversion and environmental protection. Hochbrueckner utilized his technical training as an engineer to address these issues while serving on both the House Armed Services and Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committees for eight years.

With the demise of the Soviet Union and the changes in Europe, Hochbrueckner played a vital role on the Armed Services Committee. Hochbrueckner worked to maintain a strong defense and to protect Long Island's economic community, which relied heavily on the defense industry. He led the successful battle in 1989 to provide funding for the Long Island built F-14D "Tomcat" fighter aircraft.

Hochbrueckner helped organize the India Caucus in the U.S. Congress in order to improve the relationship between India and the United States. Hochbrueckner and his wife, Carol Ann visited India in 1994, where he met with Prime Minister Rao and conveyed President Clinton's invitation to the Prime Minister to visit the United States. That visit was highly successful during which Hochbrueckner arranged for Prime Minister Rao to address a Joint-Session of Congress.

As the only engineer on the House Armed Services Committee, he worked with defense-based firms nationally to diversify into producing commercial products in order to help make the U.S. more competitive in the world marketplace. As a leading Member of the Research and Development Sub-committee, Hochbrueckner was the key sponsor of the initial funding for a variety of leading edge technologies. While in Congress, Hochbrueckner successfully obtained $175 million in research funding for X-ray lithography, a candidate technology to produce the next generation of smaller and faster computer chips in the effort to restore America's lead in the computer chip field. In addition, Hochbrueckner obtained $1.2 billion for the Technology Reinvestment Program [TRP] nationwide.

Hochbrueckner has been a national leader in protecting the environment. Hochbrueckner authored landmark legislation to encourage recycling by creating markets for recycled materials and funding research for innovative ways to use recycled materials. In the wake of the Exxon Valdez incident, he worked to protect our environment from future oil spills. With the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, Hochbrueckner helped to write the tough oil spill prevention law. He also sponsored a bill that would require vessels transporting oil or hazardous materials to employ more sophisticated navigation systems. Hochbrueckner's commitment to protecting the environment and our communities has had an impact nationally as well as on Long Island.

Before being elected to Congress, Hochbrueckner served for ten years as a Member of the New York State Assembly. During his tenure with the State Legislature as Chairman of the Real Property Taxation Committee, his major accomplishments included providing substantial tax reductions to over 15,000 homeowners through use and improvement of the Real Property Tax Grievance System, major improvements to the Real Property Tax Exemption for Veterans, as well as to the Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption Program.

After graduation from high school, Hochbrueckner served in the United States Navy for three years where he was trained as an Aviation Electronics Technician, which became the basis for his 20+ year engineering career. After being honorably discharged in 1959, he attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Hofstra University and California State University at Northridge. After 2-1/2 years of college, Hochbrueckner pursued full time on-the-job engineering training. He worked his way from technician to senior engineer within 5 years. As a senior engineer and later as a research scientist, Hochbrueckner worked for Grumman in New York and Litton and Teledyne in California. Hochbrueckner worked on a variety of avionics equipments including the design and manufacture of one of the major electronic units on the F-14 "Tomcat" aircraft.

George Hochbrueckner and his wife, the former Carol Ann Seifert of Hicksville, are long-time Long Island residents and have been happily married since 1961. They resided in southern California from 1961-68 during part of his engineering career. They have four grown children. Hochbrueckner presently serves as a Member of the Middle Country Library Foundation Board. He previously served for two years as Chair. That Library is nationally recognized for developing and promulgating model Library services and programs to Libraries across the U.S.