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Past Events

 Jim Lloyd, currently serving various governmental entities as an adviser and consultant, not only has been in Congress, but has served in the U.S. Navy as an enlisted man, officer and Naval Aviator. During his naval career, he operated from and with fourteen aircraft carriers from 1942 to 1963.

Lloyd born in 1922, started out as a farm boy on a farm in Washington state and Canada. During his early days in Canada he rode horseback to school and attended a one-room school. He attended high school in San Francisco, and graduated from Klamath Falls High School in Oregon. Lloyd started to college at the University of Oregon in 1940, finally being able to complete a Bachelor's Degree at Stanford University in 1958. He finished his education with a Master's Degree in Political Science at the University of Southern California in 1966.

After graduation from USC, Lloyd and his wife, Jackie started a public relations and advertising firm in West Covina, California. He was elected to the West Covina City Council in 1968, and in 1972 he was elected as Mayor of that City. By 1974 he was elected as a Democrat to serve as Congressman from the 35th Congressional District in California. After serving three terms in Congress, Lloyd entered the consulting and advising field with his wife as his partner in a bi-coastal opepration, locating in both California and Washington, D.C.

In addition to working together, Jim and Jackie Lloyd celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in November 1998. They have one son, Brian, and five grandchildren. Some of his more interesting activities include flying his own aircraft and any other he can get his hands on. He has amassed more than fourteen thousand hours flying fixed-wing, gliders, and helicopters. During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1963, he was the Director of Public Affairs and Cold War Activities at the U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. During this potential war confrontation with the Russians, Lloyd's wife and some were evacuated under emergency conditions aboard as LST. In addition during this time of turmoil for the United States, Lloyd was responsible for the briefing of over 1,000 media persons and provided military and political briefings for many members of Congress.

While he has been involved in many community and charitable projects, Lloyd's current most favorite thing to do is to be with his wife and family, including his grandchildren. In conclusion, his feeling about life is: "If I had it to do over, I would." He says his basic philosophy could be summed up as: "If it's your problem, fix it; it it's not, stay out of it".