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Past Events

Born March 17, 1936 in Richmond, Virginia. Life-long resident of
Prince George County

Married to the former Linda Hearne. They have four children.

University of Virginia, B.A., History: Phi Beta Kappa
Columbia University, Master of Business Administration

Owner and operator of Brandon, one of Southside Virginia's major agricultural enterprises
Former instructor of economics at the University of Richmond Business School
Formerly a practicing financial analyst

1964-1968, United States Central Intelligence Agency
Formerly, Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Conservation
and Economic Development
Former, Prince George County Planning Commission, Secretary
United States Army Officer, active and reserve

Elected 93rd Congress, November 7, 1972
Elected 94th Congress, November 5, 1974
Elected 95th Congress, November 2, 1976
Elected 96th Congress, November 7, 1978
Elected 97th Congress, November 4, 1980

Member, House Armed Services Committee
Subcommittee on Investigations
Subcommittee on Research and Development
Subcommittee on Intelligence
Subcommittee on Nuclear Weapons
Associate member, Defense Science Board and consultant to the
Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, 1983
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Logistics and Material Management), 1984-1986
Principal participant in the Global War Games, Newport, RI, 1985-Present
Director of Intelligence, U.S. Department of Energy, 1990-1993

National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal
Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Medal
Order of Lafayette Freedom Award
National Associated Businessmen Watchdog of the Treasury Award (93rd, 94th, 95th, 96th and 97th Congress)
American Conservative Union Statesman Award
National Federation of Independent Business Guardian of Small
Business Award (93rd, 94th, 95th, 96th and 97th Congress)
Coalition for Peace Through Strength Leadership Award
Association of the United States Army Meritorious Service Award
Virginia National Guard Association Outstanding Service Award
Conservation Caucus Civil Libertarian Award
National Rifle Association Defender of Individual Rights Award
Disabled American Veterans Service Award
National Taxpayers' Union Friend of the Taxpayer Award
Virginia Wildlife Federation Award
Fleet Reserve Association Honorary Membership