Dennis Hertel

Private Law Practice and Consulting. Michigan and Washington, D.C., 1993 to present.
Partner, The Livingston Group, L.L.C.

Representative of clients in fields of: health care; telecommunications; environmental legislation and regulations; state and municipal economic development; access to federal grants and contracts; regulation of business; defense base closures; Department of Energy site cleanups; EPA Superfund eligibility; Great Lakes and Detroit Port Authority Development.

Vice-Chair, National Environmental Policy Institute, Washington, D.C., 1993 to present.

Member of Congress, 14th District, Michigan, 1981-1992.

Elected to Congress from a district encompassing portions of the City of Detroit, and Wayne, Oakland and MacComb County suburbs for six terms. Retired in 1993 at the conclusion of the 102nd Congress.

  • Michigan Delegation, Democratic Whip
  • Chairman, Oceanography and Great Lakes Subcommittee, House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee
  • Chairman, Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee, House Armed Services Committee
  • Vice Chairman and Member, Executive Committee, House Democratic Study Group
  • Co-Chair, Ukraine and Baltic States Caucus
  • Select Committee on Aging; Health and Long-Term Care Subcommittee
  • Research and Development Subcommittee, House Armed Services Committee
  • Department of Energy Defense Nuclear Facilities Panel
  • Military Personnel and Compensation Subcommittee, House Armed Services Committee
  • Subcommittee on Merchant Marine, House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Assembly Delegate
  • U.S. Delegate to the United Nations, Rio Earth Summit Conference
  • Chairman, House Task Force on Defense Department Waste, Fraud and Abuse
  • Procurement and Military Nuclear Systems Subcommittee
  • Seapower, Strategic and Critical Materials Subcommittee
  • Fisheries, Wildlife Conservation and the Environment Subcommittee
  • Coast Guard Subcommittee
  • Panama Canal/Outer Continental Shelf Subcommittee

Notable Achievements
Authored National Marine Sanctuaries Reauthorization and Improvement Act to preserve and expand marine sanctuaries; obtained funding for Center for Advanced Technology (Focus Hope) machinist and engineering training center for disadvantaged youth; authored law establishing Baltic Nations Freedom Day; authored first National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration authorization; authored legislation improving marine biodiversity programs; reformed Pentagon acquisition practices; authored Coastal Zone Management Act; authored Great Lakes Protection Act; authored provisions in act providing for targeted Defense procurement to firms in areas of high unemployment; and, authored act establishing national Day of Solidarity.

Member, Michigan State House of Representatives, 12th District, 1974-1980.

Elected to State Legislature from a district located in the City of Detroit for three terms.

  • Chairman, House Judiciary Committee
  • Chairman, Joint Committee on Michigan Port Development
  • Vice-Chairman, House Policy Committee
  • Joint House-Senate Committee on Administrative Rules
  • Labor Committee
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Consumers Committee
  • Economic Development Committee
  • Senior Citizens Retirement Committee
  • Criminal Justice Commission
  • Law Revision Commission
  • Chairman, Special Committee on Child Abuse Prevention
  • Chairman, Michigan Crime Prevention Task Force

Notable Achievements
Presided over major revision of Michigan Juvenile, Probate, and Condemnation Codes; chaired reorganization of Michigan court system; authored Michigan Public Act mandating minimum prison sentences for handgun crimes; authored various consumer protection acts; and, created authorization for local governments to establish port authorities.

Office of the Attorney General, State of Michigan, Lansing, MI. Summer, 1973.

Tax Division. Responsible for development of legislation and administrative rules.

Staff Assistant to Member, Detroit City Council, Detroit, MI. 1972.

Chairman, Dukakis for President, State of Michigan
Chairman, Carter for President, 14th District, Michigan
Directed campaign for Supreme Court Justice Blair Moody, Jr., Michigan
Directed campaign for Supreme Court Justice G. Mennen Williams, Michigan
Democratic Party Field Staff, Director, MacComb County, Michigan
Campaign Manager, Detroit City Council President Carl Levin

J.D. Wayne State University Law School, Detroit, MI. 1974
Wayne Law Review; Student-Faculty Council; Treasurer, Student Board of Governors; ABA Student Delegate

B.S. Cum Laude, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI. 1971
President, Student Government; Dean's List; Debate Scholarship and Awards; Resident Advisor

President, Michigan State Society
Michigan State Criminal Justice Commission
Medal of Freedom award from first freely-elected Latvian Parliament
Congressman of the Year, Detroit Audubon Society
Friend of Poland Award, Central Citizens Committee of Metro Detroit
National Institute on Adult Care Award
Michigan Legislator of the Year, Police Officers Association of Michigan
State Bar of Michigan
Board of Directors, Michigan Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Outstanding Young Men of America, 1973