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Leadership Award Programs - USS CARL VINSON Leadership Award Winners

2011 Vinson

"The Admiral" and "Swamp Fox" Leadership Awards recognize the individuals who have demonstrated sustained superior performance and exhibited the most exceptional leadership skills over the award period. The awards will be given annually on or about November 18, the birthday of the late United States Representative Carl Vinson of Georgia.

The Swamp Fox Award -- By his colleagues in the House, Representative Carl Vinson was known as the "Swamp Fox" due to his masterful grasp of parliamentary procedure and virtual unerring strategy in getting important legislation through Congress. (Recipients are Chief Petty Officers)

The Admiral Award -- Representative Carl Vinson was known by the military establishment as "the Admiral" because of his early affection for the United States Navy. (Recipients are officers)

Award Winners

LT Paul Nickell - 2011 Admiral Award Winner
DCCS (SW/AW) Michael Bates - 2011 Swamp Fox Award Winner

CWO3 Charles Sullivan - 2010 Admiral Award Winner
HMCS Richard Gotautas - 2010 Swamp Fox Award Winner

CWO4 Mark Swarringim - 2008 Admiral Award Winner
BMCS (SW/AW) Edward Marrerootero - 2008 Swamp Fox Award Winner

LCDR (Select) Dave Walker - 2007 Admiral Award Winner
ICC Bert Lewis - 2007 Swamp Fox Award Winner

CWO3 Kenneth W. Knowlton - 2006 Admiral Award Winner
ATC Joshua M. Davis - 2006 Swamp Fox Award Winner

HTCS (SW/AW) David A. Fish - 2005 Swamp Fox Award Winner
LT Charles D. Huntington - 2005 Admiral Award Winner

LT Jose Fernando Montes - 2004 Admiral Award Winner
PSC (SW/AW) Milton Francis Lewis - 2004 Swamp Fox Award Winner

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